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300px-Parliament_Street_SignToronto’s Corktown neighbourhood is quickly becoming the talk of the town. Catching the eye of residents and business owners all over the city, this historical neighbourhood is part of Toronto’s extensive neighbourhood revitalization project. One of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city, Corktown is set to shine once the renovations are completed. Predicted to be the city’s newest hotspot, Corktown is changing daily as construction, housing and businesses develop before the eyes of residents and their future neighbours.

Home to some of the oldest Victorian-style house in Toronto, many were built in the early 1850’s to house the hard working Irish immigrants who moved to the city. It was, in fact, named to honour the Irish people who populated the area and descendants of County Cork. Now, over 160 years later, many elements of those early days still remain. Rows of Victorian houses still line the narrow laneways and historical buildings, such as Little Trinity Church and Enoch Turner Schoolhouse, enhance the streetscape.

Bordered by Queen Street East, Jarvis Street and the Don Valley Parkway, Corktown is primarily a residential area. An excellent opportunity for first-time homeowners, Corktown real estate is priced lower than most downtown areas. This is also an attractive option for many young professionals who are eager to take advantage of the glitz and glamour of the downtown city life.

Located in close proximity to Toronto’s business, university and entertainment districts, Corktown residents can also easily access Air Canada Centre, the Mirvish theatres and some of the city’s most popular restaurants. So close to these alluring amenities, the quiet and cozy life of Corktown becomes even more appealing.

As with all Toronto neighbourhoods, commuting plays an important role in residents’ lives. Corktown offers flexibility for residents to travel throughout the city, with direct access to the Don Valley Parkway, the Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard. Corktown is also serviced by streetcars that can quickly connect residents to both subway lines.

An exciting time for Corktown residents, this is surely a neighbourhood to watch.