Death Of The Den

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denDon’t waste $15,000-$30,000 to get a den…what are you going to do with it?

What is a Den anyways?

Many years ago, builders would advertise a bedroom with no window as a den. These rooms were typically large and could have been used as a bedroom or as an office/entertainment area.

As condo prices kept going up, builders started to shrink the overall square footage in order to keep condo ownership affordable.  As a result the den kept getting smaller and smaller  to the point that the space could only be used to fit a desk or a wardrobe, and yet, it was still called a den.

When you see something advertised as a 1 bedroom plus den, you never know what you are going to find.  I have been to 1 bedroom plus den condos where the den was MIA(Missing In Action) LOL

We looked and looked, even called her name, but we could not find the den!  We finally figured it out…there was an indentation in the L-shape hallway where there was enough room to put a console…that was the den…give me a break!!

The den is dying…everybody has laptops nowadays, not many people need a corner to put a desk and their desktop computer, some builders have figured this out and they have been eliminating the den from their floor plans.

As Toronto condo prices reach new heights, efficient layouts with no wasted space are the number one priority for home buyers.  If you are shopping for a studio or small 1 bedroom stay away from condos with dens and/or hallways…waste of space.

Guess what builders are calling large dens with a closet and sliding doors now?…you guessed right…bedrooms!!