Is Your Toronto Condo Worth More Than Toilet Paper?

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The answer is YES! 😉


I performed a scientific study comparing the average price of a roll of toilet paper to the average price of a 1 bedroom condo with parking in the Toronto downtown core.


. Back in 2010 the median family income in Toronto was $68,110

That family would have paid approximately $0.58 for 1 roll of toilet paper.

The price of a 665 sq ft 1 bedroom plus den condo with parking downtown Toronto in CityPlace was around $318,000

…Fast Forward to 2014

The median family income is now around $76,000(based on 2013 data)

The price of a roll of toilet paper is now $0.64…up 10% from 4 years ago…that is an average increase of 2.5% per year…much higher than any GIC 😉

That same average condo in CityPlace now sells around $368,000…up 13.5% from 4 years ago.

The condo is the clear winner!!!


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