1 Hour Q&A With Daniel

Posted on Jun 29, 2014 | 0 comments

1 Hour Q&A With Daniel

Do you have questions about real estate but you don’t know who to ask or where to start?



Are you worried to contact an agent because they might pressure you to sign a contract or they might keep calling you and sending you emails?

But how are you going to have your questions answered?

I have the right solution for you:

1 Hour Q&A with Daniel

Meet me for a casual chat and get professional advice with no pressure.

Here are some very common questions that I get asked all the time:

When is the bubble going to burst? Do I really need an agent?  Should I approach the listing agent directly?  Should I rent or buy?  Should I save to have a higher downpayment?  What is a deposit?…is it refundable?  How about closing cost?  Do I have to pay HST?  What are Development fees?  Do I qualify for a Land transfer tax rebate?  How do multiple offers work?  Are homes/ condos priced low to attract buyers into a bidding war?  Are they priced high to leave room for negotiation?  Who pays the commission?  Which neigbourhoods are up and coming?  What is a better investment?  Is this the right time to buy?  Should I buy or should I sell first?  What is a status certificate?  What is included in condo maintenance fees?  Is this a good builder?  Etc Etc